• I look forward to representing Europe's seaports in Brussels. Ports are more than a business sector, they seek to combine economic and public interests.

    Isabelle Ryckbost

    Secretary General European Sea Ports Organisation

  • The vital role ports must play as entry nodes into a European green transport system capable of delivering the EC reduction target of 60% for transport related CO2 by 2050.

    Dimitrios Theologitis

    Head of Unit ‘Ports and Inland Navigation' at the European Commission

  • Ports are engines of economic development and sources of prosperity for our cities, regions and nations

    Siim Kallas

    European Commission Vice-President 2009-2014

  • A very close collaboration with industry and policy stakeholders will be a critical success factor to achieve sustainable project outputs. The PORTOPIA knowledge platform should strengthen the long-term relationships between stakeholders.

    Prof. Dr. Michael Dooms

    VUB, Project Coordinator

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