REPORT: Review of Maritime Transport

REPORT: Review of Maritime Transport

The Review of Maritime Transport 2015, made by the UNCTAD secretariat, is now available. The aim of this review is to foster the transparency of maritime markets and analyzing relevant developments. Chapter 4 of the review focuses specifically on port developments.

According to the review, the share of world container port throughput of developing economies increased to approximately 71.9 per cent. This figure shows a continuation of a gradual rise in developing countries share of world container throughput and reflects an increase in South-South trade.

The review also states that performance of ports and terminals is important because it affects a country’s trade competitiveness. Determinants to port/terminal performance include: labour relations, number and type of cargo handling equipment, quality of backhaul area, port access channel, land-side access and customs efficiency, as well as potential concessions to international terminal operators.

Finally the review also shed its light on the economic, environmental and social challenges ports are facing.

The full report is available here.

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