JOC Terminal Productivity Whitepaper

JOC Terminal Productivity Whitepaper


Last summer, the Journal of Commerce (JOC) published its report “Key Findings on Terminal Productivity Performance across Ports, Countries and Regions”.

In the report, average berth productivity achieved at a number of ports and terminals worldwide is provided as a measurement of the speed at which container ships are unloaded, loaded and sent back to sea.

According to the authors, the JOC report is based on data provided by 17 ocean carriers, representing more than 70 percent of the global container capacity as defined by Alphaliner. A database that directly compares terminal productivity performance across ports, countries and regions based on the standard measurement of gross moves per hour. For this whitepaper, the JOC has used confidential data from more than 100,000 port calls at 600 marine terminals and 400 global ports during 2012 to rank the top 20 ports and individual terminals in three regions of the world: the Americas, Asia and Europe-Middle East Africa.


The full report can be found here ».

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