Review of Maritime Transport 2016

Review of Maritime Transport 2016

The Review of Maritime Transport 2016 is published annually by the UNCTAD secretariat since 1968 and aims to foster the transparency of maritime markets and to analyse relevant developments. The current edition (2016) supports the idea that the long-term growth prospects for seaborne trade and maritime businesses are positive. Developing countries seem to have ample opportunities to generate income and employment and to help promote foreign trade.

Separate section on ports

The Review of Maritime Transport 2016 also includes a separate section on ports. It describes the work of UNCTAD in helping developing countries improve port performance to lower transport costs and to achieve better integration into global trade.

According to the review, the port industry, including the container sector, experienced significant declines in growth, with the growth rates for the largest ports only just remaining positive. For example, the 20 leading ports by volume experienced an 85 % decline in growth (from 6.3% in 2014 to 0.9 % in 2015). The container ports suffered more of a downturn than the overall port sector. This means that the production capacity remains strong, but the demand for finished goods remains weak.

The full report is available here.

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