Port of Kokkola on port performance

Port of Kokkola on port performance

Each month, the European Sea Ports Organisation (ESPO) appoints a Port of the Month. This port is asked a number of questions in order to present itself to the general public. ESPO always asks one question on port performance, namely: “ESPO is a partner of PORTOPIA, an FP7 project that aims to measure port performance. What is your port’s approach for monitoring the port’s performance?”

The Port of Kokkola answered the question as follows:

The port performance is followed with a range of different indicators. We monitor cargo volumes, vessel statistics, financial indices, environmental indices and operations efficiency. We measure for example usage of berths, cranes, loading and unloading efficiency per crane/ship/cargo or per cargo type for any range of time usually from shift to one day to yearly averages for a specific cargo type. Additionally, we measure unloading of railway wagons. All measures are then generated into monthly and yearly specific and consolidated reports. Logistic chains are more difficult for the port to monitor because we don´t have access to all information, but we are aware of different commodities roundtrip from origin to destination.

Market trends and structure is not measured but thoroughly monitored through different sources. For the environmental part, the established practice of measuring can be found in areas like air and seawater quality, which are continuously measured.

User perceptions, safety and security are an ongoing process and are audited regularly.

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