Top EU container port regions

Top EU container port regions (2007-2016): the rise of South Europe

Between 2007 and 2016, the total container throughput in the EU increased by 13.9%. Grouping seaports together in multiple-port regions gives a good overview of the container port handling hotspots in Europe.

The PortGraphic by Dr. Theo Notteboom that was published on shows the top EU container port regions between pre-crisis year 2007 and 2016. The PortGraphic is accompanied by eight observations:

  1. The Rhine-Scheldt Delta is, more than ever, the stronghold of the Hamburg-Le Havre range;
  2. North-German port system back at pre-crisis volumes, but not more than that;
  3. Seine Estuary below 2007 volume, but stable volume share in past few years;
  4. Southern European ports are on the rise;
  5. Strong growth differences between Europe’s ‘pure’ transhipment hubs in the West Med;
  6. Revival of the UK Southeast coast?;
  7. Gdansk bay as star region in the Baltic/Scandinavia;
  8. No revival (yet) of the EU Black Sea port.

The complete analysis of Dr. Theo Notteboom can be found here (PortEconomics).

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