Eamonn O’Reilly (IE) on port performance

Eamonn O’Reilly (IE) on port performance

Since 2013, ESPO had been putting each month a port in the picture through its “Port of the month” articles. After four years, ESPO has started with a new series of articles called the “Port pro of the month”. Every month, they pay a visit to a port executive who presents his or her port and also helps to understand what it means to lead a European port. These interviews also include a question concerning port performance, i.e. “ESPO is a partner of PORTOPIA, an FP7 project that aims to measure port performance. Are you measuring your port’s performance?”.

This month, ESPO interviewed Mr Eamonn O’Reilly, chairman of ESPO and Chief Executive of the Dublin Port Company (Ireland). He answered the question on port performance as follows:

Each port has particular challenges. In Dublin Port, our challenge is to maximise the capacity of the port without the possibility of expanding its footprint. We therefore focus on performance measures related to land use. For example, we currently have a throughput of 135,000 tonnes per hectare per annum on the 260 hectare port estate. The similar figures in Barcelona and Rotterdam are 44,000 and 59,000. If we are to reach our Masterplan targets, we will have to increase to 300,000 tonnes per hectare per annum.

Benchmarking against other comparable ports is very important and a digital platform that allows us to do this in areas such as environmental performance is a powerful tool. ESPO’s recent decision to implement a system to take forward the work of PORTOPIA will help ports such as Dublin to continue to benchmark themselves and improve performance.

The complete interview is available here.

Picture: (c) Johnny Bambury/ Fennell Photography

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