Hervé Martel (FR) on port performance

Hervé Martel (FR) on port performance

Since 2013, ESPO had been putting each month a port in the picture through its “Port of the month” articles. After four years, ESPO has started with a new series of articles called the “Port pro of the month”. Every month, they pay a visit to a port executive who presents his or her port and also helps to understand what it means to lead a European port. These interviews also include a question concerning port performance, i.e. “ESPO is a partner of PORTOPIA, an FP7 project that aims to measure port performance. Are you measuring your port’s performance?”.

This month, ESPO interviewed Mr Hervé Martel, Executive Director of HAROPA Port du Havre (France). He answered the question on port performance as follows:

We set up performance indicators for the first time in 2014, initiated by the port of Le Havre. The approach is intended to be carried out also for the ports of Rouen and Paris. The objective is to measure the maritime / land / goods / customs and sanitary performance on HAROPA. This initiative, carried out in close collaboration with all the professionals of the port of Le Havre, represents each year a collaborative work in the service of and with the customers. This dynamic move towards progress makes it possible to measure objectively the attractiveness of the port and to position its performance throughout the supply chain.

For the 3rd year in a row, HAROPA has published performance indicators. In 2016, for the first time, the document integrated Rouen’s maritime performance. That’s how you can learn that the Havre port call satisfaction rate reached 99.7 % in 2016, the number of ports connected to the Port of Le Havre with liner shipping services increased to 667 ports and 74 % of port customers are certified as Authorised Economic Operators (AEO). It’s also worth noting, for instance, the improvement of the lead-time required to obtain the “gate-out” authorisation as part of the performance of the goods transit, the excellent ranking in “Doing business” of the French Customs by the World Bank; and always, the possibility for freight forwarders, logisticians, carriers, etc., to get closer to SOGET to evaluate their own performance and position themselves in relation to the competition and the needs of customers.

The complete interview is available here.

Picture: (c) HAROPA-Port du Havre

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