Below one can find a list of the deliverables of the PORTOPIA project. The deliverables which are already publicly available can be accessed by clicking on the title.

Work Package 1: Market Trends and Structure Indicators

Work Package 2: Socio-Economic Indicators

Work Package 3: Environment and Safety Indicators

Work Package 4: Logistics Chain and Operational Performance Indicators

Work Package 5: Governance (Indicators on the institutional, functional and financial aspects of European seaports)

  • D5.1 Fact Finding report 2015
  • D5.2 Governance Indicators
  • D5.3 Policy linkages, interrelations and benchmarking suggestions (Governance and financial indicators)

Work Package 6: Integrating Users’ Perspectives in Port Performance Evaluation

Work Package 7: Inland Ports Performance Indicators

Work Package 8: Development of a strategy map and a balanced view

Work Package 9: Benchmarking European Port Performance