Below one can find a list of the deliverables of the PORTOPIA project. The deliverables which are already publicly available can be accessed by clicking on the title.

European Port Industry Sustainability Report 2016

European Port Industry Sustainability Report 2017

Work Package 1: Market Trends and Structure Indicators

Work Package 2: Socio-Economic Indicators

Work Package 3: Environment and Safety Indicators

Work Package 4: Logistics Chain and Operational Performance Indicators

Work Package 5: Governance (Indicators on the institutional, functional and financial aspects of European seaports)

  • D5.1 Fact Finding report 2015
  • D5.2 Governance Indicators
  • D5.3 Policy linkages, interrelations and benchmarking suggestions (Governance and financial indicators)

Work Package 6: Integrating Users’ Perspectives in Port Performance Evaluation

Work Package 7: Inland Ports Performance Indicators

Work Package 8: Development of a strategy map and a balanced view

Work Package 9: Benchmarking European Port Performance